Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Oh how the times, they change.

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Time flies when you're having fun, so the saying goes. In the time between our last blog I've been lucky enough to have literally been flying, up above the offices in fact. While I've been messing around having fun, a lot of work has been done too.

While they were workling, I was circling.
We are excited. We want to implement big changes to Exchange Holiday Homes and we've got a lot closer to signing some dotted lines to help make them happen. In the meantime, we've been lucky to truly add some fantastic new properties to the site (pictures below) and it's been lovely to see so many of you fly off on your summer exchanges.

In fact I'm jealous and I really think you should consider our feelings when having such good times without us all.

If there are any idea that you'd like to see in amongst any other changes we make, the do please let us know. To keep things short and sweet today I'll close with the pretty photographs of some of the new places you can now visit through EHH. 


Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sunday Times Feature May 16th

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If any of you bought the Sunday Times on May 16th, you hopefully will have seen the Travel section and us in a feature there.

We have had lots of new members because of the article and  continue to do so.  Some of the new members have holiday homes in Hungary, Maylasia and many more!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Behind The Scenes

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Confession time. We haven't blogged for far too long. Not that it's a secret, as you can quite clearly see when we made the last addition below. Now we don't generally like to make excuses but this time we're making an exception. They all follow below.

1. Lots of swaps! Those of you already with us have been livening up recently and wanting to take many more holidays that we've previously experienced. I'd like to make it absolutely clear that we are in no way complaining. It's a very welcome challenge for the team and means improving our efficiency and behind the scenes systems has been a must.

This won't just benefit us (that would just be selfish), as some of the new methods we are putting into place will make it physically on to the website and improve how you make enquiries and the tracking of  the responses you receive. We've had superb feedback from those of you who have flown off on holidays recently and will shortly be improving it's implementation into the website with both words, and, wait for it, holiday photos! Very exciting, we're sure you'll agree.

2.  Lots of new members! We are pleased to see our numbers steadily and readily increasing. For example, we were happy to add five new properties over just this weekend and have many still in the midst of registration. It's always a pleasure to welcome people into the club and see what exciting properties they bring along with them. The property photographs within this blog are all from new members recently added to the site.

3. The Place in the Sun exhibition! (Exclamation mark added for consistency) I recently (Matt) attended the Place in the Sun exhibition in London and met with a lot of companies that we can form working relationships with to benefit both them and us. The response has already been extremely positive and many discussions are ongoing. The increase in exposure and the resulting new members helps to further expand the club and provide new and exciting places for you all to visit.

All of the above and much more behind the scenes have been going on here and I could spend much more time telling you all about it all. The only problem being I must stop and get back to everything else that needs doing.

Until next time swappers. (They'll be less of a gap this time, I promise)


Friday, 26 February 2010

A Place in the Sun

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A Place in the Sun magazine comes out today, we have placed an advert with them over the next few months to coincide with their exhibition (26th/28th March) and we hope that this will bring in even more new members.

We are busy though, and are having members join every day!  Organising exchanges now for the summer and even Christmas.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Credit System Revision

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Hello all,

Slighly delayed this morning due to the slippery ice and slushy snow. Not as much this morning as the last time when some of us had to walk here though.

The revision above isn't the type that most of us tried to avoid during our school years and crammed into the day before. It's a slight change to the way that the credit system is displayed to you, the user when you log into EHH.

Previously when you added weeks of availability in your property to the website, your credit total was instantly inflated and showed your total credits figure. You only keep the credits if somebody books your week and there was no way of telling how many credits were 'Confirmed' and how many were 'Potential' credits until somebody selected your property for a holiday.

We really thought outside the box on this one and after many strenuous hours of painful thinking, we decided to list, 'Potential Credits' and 'Confirmed Credits'. We've even beed kind enough to let you know how many you've used and how many you have to 'spend' on your holidays.

We think that the system helps to clarify what was previously an occasionally confusing system. Please do let us know if you agree or if you think we could make any further adjustments. All constructive feedback is very welcome and helps to keep us in check as we grow and make sure we're always doing our very best for you.

Below is what I personally hope will be the last time we'll have seen that kind of snow down in Cornwall this year. I'm quite looking forward to some sun.


Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A Place in the Sun

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We have just placed a couple of adverts in the 'A Place in the Sun' magazine  to coincide with their exhibition at Earl's Court, London. We anticipate having a stand at their Autumn show to bring even more exposure to EHH.

We hope this will prove fruitful and bring in even more new members and spread the word about  Exchange Holiday Homes and what a great idea it is!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Search option added

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We have added an extra  search option in your Members Home page. Just add the ID Ref no of the one that you want to go back to and it will take you to that property , instead of having to find it in the lists.

This will save time for you all. We are working on adding more search options , so watch this space!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Back in to the Swing ...

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... Of things.

We have been promoted. There is a temporary link to this blog on the front page on Exchange Holiday Homes now. I'm sure we'll get a much more pretty link at some point in the near future maybe even with a picture. We have a big redevelopment planned with lots of new features, so maybe we can push to be a bigger part of the NEW EHH. Capitalisation added for emphasis.
In other news, we've been really pleased with the number of new members applying to join in the early part of 2010 and the number of you making swap enquiries. We've had people flying around the world all over the place. It's enough to make you jealous.

We are recruiting more estate agents and property developers to our cause too (have a look at one of our partners, pictured above, here), and look forward to helping them sell their properties with the knowledge that the clients can use our club to see the world and not just their same holiday home multiple times every year.

We would also like this to be a forum for your thoughts and ideas? Is there anything you think we could do better? Could add in the future? That's not forgetting our main forum here,, but feel free to add anything you'd like to say in the comments below.

Would you like this blog to tackle specific issues? Is there anything you think is difficult to understand with the swap system? You input is invaluable. You are the reason we are here and we want to our very best to get it right.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Happy New Year!

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Firstly we'd like to wish all of you reading a very Happy New Year. We may be a little late but we've been more than a little busy so I'm sure you'll forgive us. What's new I don't hear you asking, but assume you are thinking. Well, most popular in 2010 so far are hot properties. By that I mean people seem to be very interested in the properties located in more temperate environments than this.

Our holiday home in the snow.

People, including ourselves, can't wait to warm back up in the foreign sunshine. So if you own a holiday home in such a location, add some weeks on Exchange Holiday Homes and you could well find yourselves with a lot of interest. You then earn yourself credits and can start looking for your own holidays.

We're just hoping it warms up a little here and I can actually leave the office at some point this week. It's currently snowing again. Heavy. Maybe one of the enquiries you might get will be from me.

We had an unconventional snowplough operator visit this year.