Friday, 13 January 2017

6 Top Tips for making the most of EXCHANGE HOLIDAY HOMES in 2017

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1. Get in touch :)
Remember we are always here in the office to assist you with your holiday ideas and plans, we can guide you through and help you find an exchange which fits your needs your needs perfectly.
This is all part of our service and doesn't cost you a penny!
2. Think about Dream Holidays
What type of holidays would you like in 2017? Send us details of the dates, country, number of people you have in mind, and we'll do a thorough search for you. Remember we can often help find properties which you may not have thought of, and know which owners will consider peak dates or short breaks. Or make a note of ID numbers that interest you, and send us those.
3. Think about Exchange Dates you might offer
Many owners add available dates for their own properties in the New Year. Think about whether you want to do this. Or if not, that's fine, but do have a think about which periods you might consider for exchanges in 2017.
And especially whether you want to earn Bonus Credits by offering any dates in peak periods. You can earn up to 42 bonus credits for peak dates! Those credits translate to many more opportunities for great holidays weeks or short breaks for you. 
4. Got lots of credits 'in the bank'?
Remember you can gift credits to family or close friends. You can decide how many credits you would like to gift, and we can make up a gift certificate for you.
We will treat your family/friends exactly the same as a member, so will guide them through the process of finding an exchange holiday. All they will have to do is pay the standard exchange fees due once an exchange has been agreed (or you can pay it in advance)
5. Remember we don't deal with DIRECT Exchanges
With EHH - you definitely don't have to give up your property at the exact time you go on holiday. The credits system means there is absolute flexibility.
You can give exchanges for dates that suit you, and take exchanges whenever you wish (as long as you have credits in place to cover them).

6. Exchanges are Easy
Don't be worried if it's your first exchange, or you haven't done one for a while. We can explain all about adding dates and earning credits if you finding it complicated. And remember, we do all the booking forms and credit administration for you.
Plus new members can take up to two exchanges before agreeing an exchange for their own properties. Wow!