Monday, 16 March 2009

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Well it's Monday morning and we are working on the new site. We are receiving looks of enquriies to join everyday now and I so hope tht it wont be long before we can get it up and running.

We are almost here but I must admit I didnt realise how technical this was until we started the process. Perhaps I was too optimistic in the first palce , but it's neqrly ready and it's easy to say things in hindsight as we all know!

We will be contacating all our old members soon getting them to add weeks to the system and explaining how it will all work. There is a brochure that explains it should anyone want to know more details , CLICK HERE to view the pdf brochure

Prospective members can still email saying they woukld like to join , when its ready and we will contacat them all once it is. After all the more people wanting to join the better the choice

So email us at with " Please let me know when the new system is ready " in the title and we will do so !

Friday, 13 March 2009

Getting there !!

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As soon as I think that it will be ready , another problem crops up. It seems to be difficult to link the 2 different systems togther , but I think there are just 5 more files to sort out before the it works ! The photos can be uplaoded but they are trying to work out a uniform size for them and then we are in business.

I do wish though that deveolopers would be more pessimistic about the time frames as I have been told so many times "only a few more days" & "almost there" which I pass on to discover it is more complicated !
I then feel responsible for the fact I have told others "only a few nmore days" and that is not the case !

Well back to work and will update when I hav emore news !


Monday, 2 March 2009

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Well it's an agonising wait to get the new system added to the website. There have been various problems connecting the two systems togther, but I am told that it has been sorted and we are on the final straight!!

It has been quite complicated, as it will be automatic , the new system will calculate all the credits, bookings and you will be able to join direct from the website and add photos, make amendments, add weeks and so on.

This is a big improvment, and it has to be checked thouroughly to make sure everything is working as it should be.

Well I will wait and see, we are over a month behind scedule but I hope that it will be very very soon and we can get on and start our new system !!