Friday, 28 October 2011

Sorry we haven't posted for a while!

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Sorry we haven't posted on the blog for a while, but we have had a few staff changes here over the past couple of months , as well as it being busy arranging lots of new exchanges.

Now I will be looking after this blog for a while, and I will endeavour to make sure we post much more regularly, I promise!

We are still working hard on the new websites, but the cost has gone through the roof and so it may be a little while before we can get it all organised.

Meanwhile we have been welcoming lots of new members and  it's been busy with sorting out exchanges . We have even arranged exchanges as far as Oct next year!

Although we now have over 850 members, we are constantly on the hunt for new members as it does mean more choice for everyone, and so pass the word as it is free to join us, there's no obligation to exchange and you have us to help you with the exchanges or your search for a holiday!

We have members at the moment looking for places in Canada - Nova Scotia and Vancouver, also London and New York. We always want more properties in Spain and Italy so if you have one there , take a look and please do ask us if you don't understand how it all works.

We also have a shortage of properties in South East England so if you have one, take a look.

All best for now - Debbie (Owner of EHH)