Sunday, 24 January 2010

Search option added

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We have added an extra  search option in your Members Home page. Just add the ID Ref no of the one that you want to go back to and it will take you to that property , instead of having to find it in the lists.

This will save time for you all. We are working on adding more search options , so watch this space!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Back in to the Swing ...

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... Of things.

We have been promoted. There is a temporary link to this blog on the front page on Exchange Holiday Homes now. I'm sure we'll get a much more pretty link at some point in the near future maybe even with a picture. We have a big redevelopment planned with lots of new features, so maybe we can push to be a bigger part of the NEW EHH. Capitalisation added for emphasis.
In other news, we've been really pleased with the number of new members applying to join in the early part of 2010 and the number of you making swap enquiries. We've had people flying around the world all over the place. It's enough to make you jealous.

We are recruiting more estate agents and property developers to our cause too (have a look at one of our partners, pictured above, here), and look forward to helping them sell their properties with the knowledge that the clients can use our club to see the world and not just their same holiday home multiple times every year.

We would also like this to be a forum for your thoughts and ideas? Is there anything you think we could do better? Could add in the future? That's not forgetting our main forum here,, but feel free to add anything you'd like to say in the comments below.

Would you like this blog to tackle specific issues? Is there anything you think is difficult to understand with the swap system? You input is invaluable. You are the reason we are here and we want to our very best to get it right.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Happy New Year!

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Firstly we'd like to wish all of you reading a very Happy New Year. We may be a little late but we've been more than a little busy so I'm sure you'll forgive us. What's new I don't hear you asking, but assume you are thinking. Well, most popular in 2010 so far are hot properties. By that I mean people seem to be very interested in the properties located in more temperate environments than this.

Our holiday home in the snow.

People, including ourselves, can't wait to warm back up in the foreign sunshine. So if you own a holiday home in such a location, add some weeks on Exchange Holiday Homes and you could well find yourselves with a lot of interest. You then earn yourself credits and can start looking for your own holidays.

We're just hoping it warms up a little here and I can actually leave the office at some point this week. It's currently snowing again. Heavy. Maybe one of the enquiries you might get will be from me.

We had an unconventional snowplough operator visit this year.