Tuesday, 28 July 2009

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More and more members are joining every day, we are so pleased by how enthusiastic everyone is about our website and system.

The feedback forms that we have started to send out now are coming back and so far we have only had really positve comments about the swaps members have done. We will be adding them to the relevant swaps when the links have been added to each listing.

Working on the short breaks and how Hotels/B&B's system will work, we are hoping that will all be added by the end of September. Should open up the possibilities even more!

Dont forget everyone if you dont see a week added against a property, send us the ID number and we will request a suitable week for you, lots of members are happy to add weeks upon request.

We will be welcoming a new member of staff (Matt) in a couple of week , the Head of Sales and Marketing, he will be working hard to promote Exchange Holiday Homes worldwide , so we hope to see an even bigger increase in members once he joins the team !

NB All photos shown on this blog are (at the time of publishing) members of Exchange Holiday Homes

Monday, 20 July 2009

Adding Weeks

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New members are joining every day and we are working on adding short breaks/hotels/B&B's by the autumn.

We hope that members understand that many other members dont always add weeks until they are approached and we are thinking about changing the wording on the website to make this more clear to new members.

We do want members to add weeks, it does make it easier, but we are happy to try to sort out an exchange for any member.

We have found this is part of the process as many members are unsure about which weeks to add. Msot members that have been approached by ourselves on behalf of another have tried to help and are willing to add weeks if they can.

So dont forget to ask us, it is a free service after all!