Monday, 29 December 2008

Link to the Sunday Mirror Article

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Here's the link to the article in the Sunday Mirror about Holiday Home Swaps

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Featured in the Sunday Mirror

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We have been featured in the Sunday Mirror today in their Homes & Holidays magazine.
In the article about "How to make money out of your Holiday Home" , it suggests the alternative of swapping your Holiday Home.
It shows seven of our exchange properties and points out the benefits of swapping your vacation home.
So if you have a holiday home, join now, it's free to join after all !


Friday, 5 December 2008

New 'Banking' System almost there !

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We are excited about our new 'banking' system , due to be uploaded very soon !

Although it is a great idea and there is no need to swap the same weeks, the main stumbling block can sometimes be finding a holiday home you want to go to and they to you.

So we are changing and we will be adding a credit system, all members can add weeks ( min 1) that they are happy for other members and their families to use, they will receive credits for each week they bank and then they can use those credits to pick from the whole available list.

This way it means members will have a greater choice, and it will be instant, once they find somewhere, all they have to do is click and then go through the booking process.

We think this will open up the opportunities for holiday home owners to go all over the world, who knows, they may never go back to their own holiday home !!

It will be free to join and there is only a small exchange fee of £67 payable once a swap has been agreed. So can't get much cheaper than that for a holiday !!

The new system will be automated , but we are on hand to help in any way. We hope to have the system connected to the website within the next three weeks, we are just testing in for any gremlins at the moment !