Thursday, 19 February 2009

Patience is a Virtue ( so I am told!)

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It's so frustrating , when you are thinking that it is all ready and then something else happens ! I know this is normal with updating websites and I am not at all technical so I dont understand all the techy stuff, but we are all geared up here in the office and ready for our big changeover and still it's being altered!

I am told that most of it is in place and that the delay is connecting up the main database with the new one, a few gremlins here and there. Well I hope that I can report that all will be well in a day or two ( I hav ebeen assured that it just a matter of days)

Once it is ready of course we have to get our members to add weeks and let the new Owners waiting to join know its ready, so it will still be in a transitional stage for a while, I hope that all our members support us at this time and add weeks, because until we have weeks on there the system wont work. So calling all members please help us start this new system off and add some weeks ( you can change them later should you need to and they havnet been taken)

I have pasted below a little video/slide show we did ( first attempt by the team, will be doing a better one shortly we promise !)


Tuesday, 17 February 2009

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Well we are still plugging away sorting out the automation of the new credit system and connecting it to our orginal database. I am being assured that it is only days away, so I will keep all informed

We have a good list of people wanting to join once the new system is ready so we are very keen for it get a move on !!

Have a look at our brochure for details of how the system will work

Monday, 9 February 2009

A Long Haul !

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Well it's been a long haul, getting everything working , but we hope that we will be able to activate the new system by the end of the week.

Ther are at the moment all sorts of things happening on the website and you may find some error/test pages.
Sorry , but all in a good cause!
Once the new system is in place we will be contacting all our members to add weeks so that the system can really get started, but it will take time for that to happen. New members can go straight ahead and add weeks, but may have to be patient before they see a good choice from other members !

We will let everyone know once it is all ready !