Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Over 300 members and still counting !!

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Well, we have reached over 300 members on Exchange Holiday Homes and so we are the largest Holiday Homes Swap website based in the UK. We have swaps in the UK, Europe, USA, South Africa, Ghana, Australia, New Zealand and we are still adding them !

We have been trying to work out what would be the best way of swapping for our members to give them the most choice and we have come up with a "banking" scheme.

We aim to introduce a 'Banking' System where all members 'bank' a week (min 1 week, no max) that they are happy for another member to use, each week will earns credits , which can then be used to select another participating members holiday home on the swap list.

This will enable members to have a large selection of Holiday Homes from all over world to choose from when you fancy a change from your own vacation property.

The options will increase to the whole swap list and members won't have to find someone who wants to swap directly with you.

The credits are worked out mainly by the number of bedrooms the vacation property has, we have kept it as simple as possible but we have allowed for the time of year that the swap takes place ( eg. Peak season, mid season according to your countries seasons)

Members will of course, receive the information and contact details of the person who is going to use their holiday home and all the homes listed are still all holiday homes

We have made a thread on our forum for comments or to share thoughts about the new system and we would appreciate it if people would spare the time to do so.

If you find any problems with the forum we would really appreciate it if you could let us know and we will do our very best to sort it out.

If you have any constructive suggestions, we would be very interested to hear via the forum or if you prefer email us :

We want to make Exchange Holiday Homes the leading Holiday Home swap website and for all our our members to have happy and exciting new holidays worldwide !