Sunday, 26 April 2009

Busy , but need more weeeks added !

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We are getting a very positive response to our system, but we need even more members to add weeks!

They can get them back if they need them and they can add them up to a year in advance, the credits they earn are valid for 3 years too

It's understandable that people hold back, new system and everything, but weeks added are the key to making it work.

We will contact any member that has a place that someone likes the look of to see if they will add weeks to help spur things on, but we need old and new members alike to take a step and add weeks so there are plenty to choose from

Weeks are being added but come on all our members , log on and lets get some more to make the choice even bigger

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Very busy and pleased with the new system!

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Been so busy sorting out the new system and contacting existing members to see if they want to add weeks etc! Lots more to contact, very positive so far and we are having lots of people join , but it's important to get photos and weeks added.

So if you read this and have just joined, please add photos as your advert wont be made live until there are any photos .

We also need people to bank weeks to get the ball rolling , you can change the week if you want it back and it's not been taken and you have up to 3 years to use the credits earned.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Finally uploaded!!

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It been uploaded now and the new system is up and running at last !!

We have to go through a few of the pages and re do wording etc and I am sure we will find somethings that need sorting out over the next few weeks, btu at least it works!

We need our members to add weeks and update thier photos and information so that will take a bit of doing. Any members reading this please log in and add more info , photos and weeks. Remember you can change weeks that have been added should you want them back ( as long as they havent been taken by another member)

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

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We are now changing over the system finally, and by the end of the weekend we will be able to make the new system live!

We hope that all the people that expressed an interest in joining will do so (we will email them when it's switched over) and that our old members will add weeks once it's ready.

We will need the help of all our members to get this up and running by adding dates, more photos and information or they can contact us with the information and we will add it to their new details.

Friday, 3 April 2009

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Dar I say this .... we are still working on the new system !! There has been so many holdups that we are all here in the office very frustrated ( an understatement ).

I think that the system will be up and running very soon, but I have heard that a million times before from the web designers/coders!

However, we have been testing it and it does appear though to be almost there so I am hopeful, but we do feel a little silly having told people that it will be ready in a few days about a month or so ago!!

So my apologies to everyone that is waiting ( we have a big list of people that want to join and we promise as soon as we can we will contact you all the very instant it is ready !) and we will continue to be optimisitic that it will be fully functional VERY soon !