Monday, 24 August 2009


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Our design team have given the Home Page a little facelift with a new logo and slight change of colours today. Will be tweaking it over the next couple of days, but we are very happy with it so far!

Hoping it implement the short breaks very soon and then we will be looking to invite Hotels/B&B's to join our club, all very exciting!

Monday, 10 August 2009


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We have now added a feedback section to each property, so people will be able to see if a member has visited and what they thought. It is important to remember everyone has different standards, but hopefully it will be useful.

Not many there yet, but early days dont expect to see many for a while as a lot of exchanges that have been arranged since we have changed over to the new system are for next year.

We have also added a link to see the last 7 members that have joined and the latest dates that have been added.

Still working on more improvements and features, particularly the short breaks... watch this space!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Search By Month

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We have now added 'search by month' so members can select a month and see what is available at a glance. But it is always good to remember that many members upon request will add a week if they have it available, so it is always worth asking us to contact them about a particular date.

We are about to add feedback forms to the lsiting so that members can see if anyone else has visited and if so what they thought of it. Will be up and running very soon just adding the final tweaks.

We are also about to add the button to see the latest members that have joined and also the latest dates that have been added so this will make it easier for members to see new dates or potential properties.