Sunday, 20 November 2011

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Special Festive Offer for our Members 

Between now and the 25th Dec 2011011)

As well as the weeks that are showing in our late offers section, any weeks that are requested and  added, will be at the Late Offers discounted rates and costs (see our Late Offers page for details).

So, if you see a place you like with no dates and that members agrees dates within the next 6 weeks from then, you will only have to use (or buy outright) the Late Offer credits values!

For more details contact us via email;
or +44 (0) 1579 321402

Sunday, 13 November 2011

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Well it's been busy this week with lots of members looking for a short break before Christmas and also members now thinking about their holidays for next year.

We have been working to get more members, as more members means more choice, so we have offered all members an instant 7 free credits if they introduce a friend and they become a member.

Word of mouth is effective, as people are reassured if someone has personal experience of something that is new to them.  We do have regular members that are happy to talk to potential new members about how the club woks, all you need to do is contact us.

Although EHH is an Internet business, one of the main criteria for the business is personal service. I have over the years of the Internet developing been fed up with how it is more and more difficult to contact people or get a straight forward and quick answer .

Having many years of experience in retail management, I have aimed to offer a good service with real people who do want to help and advise.  We do help our members search for their holidays, and we don't charge for this service. We get to know our regular members and what they want , it is always good for members  to let us know the sort of places that would be of interest as we can let them know of anything new.

We are a growing club with over 850 members , but we still need more, so if you have a second home and have already registered, why not join now,it's free to join EHH and there's no obligation !

(Owner EHH)


Friday, 28 October 2011

Sorry we haven't posted for a while!

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Sorry we haven't posted on the blog for a while, but we have had a few staff changes here over the past couple of months , as well as it being busy arranging lots of new exchanges.

Now I will be looking after this blog for a while, and I will endeavour to make sure we post much more regularly, I promise!

We are still working hard on the new websites, but the cost has gone through the roof and so it may be a little while before we can get it all organised.

Meanwhile we have been welcoming lots of new members and  it's been busy with sorting out exchanges . We have even arranged exchanges as far as Oct next year!

Although we now have over 850 members, we are constantly on the hunt for new members as it does mean more choice for everyone, and so pass the word as it is free to join us, there's no obligation to exchange and you have us to help you with the exchanges or your search for a holiday!

We have members at the moment looking for places in Canada - Nova Scotia and Vancouver, also London and New York. We always want more properties in Spain and Italy so if you have one there , take a look and please do ask us if you don't understand how it all works.

We also have a shortage of properties in South East England so if you have one, take a look.

All best for now - Debbie (Owner of EHH)


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Hoping for a 1000!

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We have now over 780 properties and counting,  so it wont be long before we hit the thousand! Some examples of new members this week are below.

Why not join now , after all it's free to join us and help us reach that thousand!  All our members are 2nd home owners and we offer a personal service helping you find your holiday.

There are no hidden charges and no obligation if you join, so come on what's stopping you !

Peak District UK
Maine, USA
We are particularly looking for city centre properties and properties in the US

Saturday, 2 April 2011

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We now have 717 members live on the website , with over 60 properties being added in March.

There's lots to choose from, but we want more, so just for this month  we are offering all members 7 bonus credits for anyone they recommend who joins and goes live on the listings!

Find 4 friends and that's enough for a holiday without giving up any of your own weeks!

And that's not all, you will still receive the normal offer we have of 21 credits when you recommend a friend, they join and agree to an exchange!

Great last minute deals , including a fantastic ski in/ski out chalet on the French/Italian borders -

Any or all dates between the 4th and 25th April this year!

So if you have got some spare time this April, how about some skiing or snowboarding!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

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It's been a busy month for us here at EHH. We have had 59 properties join so far this month and now have a total of 709 live listing!

7 new ones in Palm Desert, Pal Springs California, stunning house in the Lake District, UK,   large ski chalet in France/Italian borders, 2 apartments in Italy, several places in Brittany, France, and several villas in Florida, to name just a few!

It has also been very busy for exchanges, we have successfully tied up loads of exchanges this month, for  all times of the year.  We do pride ourselves in our excellent service and  try to help our members find what they want.

So keep on joining lets see how long it takes for us to hit the 1000 members!


Saturday, 12 February 2011

How time flies!

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We have been so busy recently that we have neglected this blog!  How could we

Well we are growing from strength to strength, and can now report that we have over 650 members , with around 150 is the 'nearly member' stages.

We are particular about who goes live on the listings as we do want to make sure that there are photos, good descriptions and so on. We personally read and look at all members before they are made live and try to weed out any time wasters.

One point that I really would like to make is that EHH does offer a personal service. We try to get to know our regular exchangers re what they are looking for and so on. We do help members to find somewhere and we will go out and try to find places for members.

This is not just an automated website , with a back office that no one can contact. We are here to help and help we do!

We are actively looking now for our members for places in Italy, also city centre properties in Paris, New York, London .

So if you know of any , let us know, don't forget it's free to join, but only second home owners please!